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Meet ArchAngel Chamuel for UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Meet ArchAngel Chamuel for Unconditional Love! ArchAngel Chamuel means one who sees and seeks God and is the Angel of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and the color pink ūüíĖ

He will help You uncover Your Love in all Your thinking, feeling and being, Unconditional Love with and to all things! He can also help You understand Life’s purpose and uncover the essence of who You really are…which is pure LOVE!

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Meet ArchAngel Gabriel for Communication!

Meet ArchAngel Gabriel! In this video You will get to know and then connect with Angel Gabriel to become a Master of Communication! ArchAngel Gabriel vibrates the loving energy of the color WHITE. Gabriel means God is My strength and is the messenger Angel in all communication.

If You want to connect with ArchAngel Gabriel, setup a call with Dr. Hank

Meet ArchAngel Uriel For WISDOM!

ArchAngel Uriel means God’s Light and vibrates the loving Angel energy of ruby red and provides You with Wisdom! Uriel is the wisest ArchAngel and creates the capacity to move one to compassion and helps Us to understand the bigger picture, the meaning behind Life, situations and provides clarity to everything and everyone!

Uriel helps to transmute energy to a higher form…from an unwanted or negative experience to a wanted or positive experience. He can help You to TRUST and then watch as everything turns to a wanted and positive situation. You will start seeing the blessing in everything!

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Meet ArchAngel Zadkiel for More COMPASSION!

Meet ArchAngel Zadkiel for More COMPASSION!


ArchAngel Zadkiel means the righteousness of God and is the loving energy color of violet!  The Angel of mercy, benevolence and forgiveness.


He helps us to have COMPASSION in all situations and with all people.  He will guide You to remember why things are happening and to see the bigger picture, the understanding that God has of all things!


ArchAngel Zadkiel can also help You with emotional healing of Yourself and with Others.  His color is violet and the day to make sure You call on Him is Saturday, and whenever You want to have more COMPASSION and understanding of any situation or person.

How Thoughts Become Things with Dr Hank Seitz

Dr. Hank Seitz is a Mental Scientist and Success & Happiness Coach who has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of people build their businesses, wealth, and health! ¬†He is the author of 16 best-selling and Quilly Award-winning books including ‚ÄúYour Royal Path To Riches‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúThe Happiest Man In The World‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúThink, FEEL & Grow Rich!‚ÄĚ

Meet ArchAngel Jophiel To Improve Your Thoughts

When You invite Jophiel into Your experience, He will assist You with the special gifts of creating a better Life with Your THOUGHTS, illuminate Your mind, thinking with clarity and connecting with Your Higher Self!  
Jophiel will help You manifest more beauty in Your Life through thoughts :)  He improves thoughts about You, about Your body, other people and the world!
When You seek creativity, peace and relaxation, then the yellow rays of Jophiel shall deliver these things to You with answers and solutions to all Your desires!
Here is a prayer to invite ArchAngel Jophiel into Your experience:
"I now invoke the loving yellow energy of ArchAngel Jophiel to show Me God's beauty in everyone and everything.  
Show Me the way to more clarity of thought, more creativity, more peace and more ease as I allow more in My Life.  Deliver to Me the thoughts that create a more beautiful Life and to see the beauty of God in all things.  
Thank You ArchAngel Jophiel for coming into My Life, guiding Me, and supporting Me to the beautiful glorious Life.  I give thanks for this being done now and having a beautiful Life that now unfolds like a yellow flower blooming."
Come join Me and ArchAngel Jophiel here -
May Your thoughts be bright yellow, Dr. Hank

Welcome ArchAngel Raphael Into Your Life for Healing

ArchAngel Raphael is the power True HEALER and means God heals and God has healed.  Raphael vibrates the energy of emerald green.  
He is the powerful healer of the physical, emotional/spiritual and mental.  Raphael has helped Me to heal Myself and others of all kinds of illnesses, diseases and addictions!  
This video includes a prayer to invite ArchAngel Raphael into Your mind, body and spirit, to make you whole again and the True image that God has of YOU!
If You would like to connect with ArchAngel Raphael, set up an appointment with Me so I can channel Raphael into Your essence :) 
Dr. Hank

Introduction To The Seven ArchAngels

God has given us 7 Divine Energies, called ArchAngels, to help us in our lives achieve a better life in all ways!
Below is a brief video that describes each of these seven ArchAngels and how YOU can invite them into your life for guidance and support!  
I can also help you connect with Your 7 ArchAngels so feel free to setup a call with Me to discuss at

Welcome to the introduction of ArchAngel Michael!

Welcome to the introduction of ArchAngel Michael!
Our 7 ArchAngels are the loving energy from God and can help You with:
Improving Your Well-Being!
Embracing Unconditional Love
Healing You - Mentally, Spiritually & Physically
Improving Your Thoughts for more answers and solutions!
Helping You to understand and have more wisdom!
Enhancing Your communication with Yourself & Others!
And providing more compassion and peace of mind!
ArchAngel Michael will rid you of f.e.a.r. and give You Well-Being and help You manifest more of what You want in Your Life!  Below is the video that provides an overview of ArchAngel Michael and a prayer to invite Michael into Your Life!
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And set up an appointment with Me to channel Michael into Your experience or give Me a call at 214-753-7204.

How to Manifest Anything You Want

Join KC and Dr. Hank as they discuss the manifestation of the life you want. Dr. Hank breaks down key aspects of life and human thinking.

Hear about Dr. Hank's amazing program about Easy Money, Easy life, and the journey that many successful people have taken using this amazing strategy. There is a reason why Dr. Hank has become a world phenom in mental science. To manifest the life you want. Dr. Hank talks about three steps in achieving that goal.

As you know what you want, and understand our thoughts, it creates the energy required to bring it into existence which Dr. Hank refers to as matter.

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